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Sustainability Report


DeClout’s Sustainability Framework

As a global builder of next-generation Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) companies, we aim to demonstrate our leadership in sustainability by implementing a robust group-wide sustainability framework to improve corporate transparency and operating efficiency. 

The Sustainability Framework articulates our commitment to deliver value to all our stakeholders through Sustainable Growth, Good Corporate Governance, Empowerment of Employees and Corporate Social Responsibility.  

At Declout, sustainability is at the heart of our growth. 


DeClout’s Sustainability Report 2017

We are pleased to introduce the Group’s inaugural Sustainability Report 2017, focusing on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are identified as material to our business and key stakeholders. 

Recognising the increasing importance of corporate sustainability and the key role it plays in creating long term value for all our stakeholders, this report articulates our commitment to deliver value to shareholders through sustainable growth of our business.  

Download the Sustainability Report here