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Scholarship Programme

DeClout offers scholarships to young talents who possess the values as our DNA, both the attitude and aptitude, coupled with the potential to grow and develop within the Group.

Interested applicants, please email your resume to

DeClout is honoured to be one of the sponsoring organization for Singapore Industry Scholarship (SgIS). We offer both undergraduate and mid-term scholarship for potential scholars.

“As students, we look for challenges that stretch us and mentors to guide us- here in DeClout, I have received a fair mix. Never was there a dull moment in office. As an intern in one of the fastest growing SMEs in Singapore, the rapidly changing environment constantly kept me on my toes as there was always something new to learn every single week I stepped into office. Truth be told, the experience would have been rather overwhelming if not for the dedicated mentorship that I received during my stint with DeClout. I am thankful for the opportunity to have spent my summer here.”


Fu Fei,
Strategy and Operations Management,

Singapore Management University

Internship Programme

DeClout offers a wide range of internship opportunities for young talents from tertiary institutions who are looking to carve a career in the hi-tech industry.
Besides gaining an early insight of the working world, your internship experience with us will be a fulfilling one, providing you with valuable learning exposures.

Interested applicants, please email your resume to

“Working in the corporate marketing team exposed me to a holistic experience in being a better team player and an independent learner. With responsibilities to keep me going, it pushes me to appreciate the learning opportunities given to me. From designing the company’s electronic direct mails (eDMs) to working alongside with colleagues from the various departments, all these provided me a valuable platform to exercise innovation and teamwork. The mentorship and guidance received value added me to perform better in my daily tasks and gave me a deeper understanding of the corporate world. My best memory working at DeClout would be the lunch time spent with my colleagues as we get to know each other better! Overall, I am thankful for this enriching and memorable internship experience at DeClout.”


Brenda Teh,
Business & Management,

Singapore Institute of Management

“My internship in Beaqon has been nothing short of a fruitful and enriching journey. I was attached to the Connectivity Wireless team and was under the mentorship and guidance of my colleagues and supervisors.

Working at Beaqon has helped to broaden my knowledge of technical skills and improved my communications skills. Besides having the chance to experience real-life employment situation, the internship has developed me into a responsible independent learner. This internship had also provided me with the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the telecommunication sector and acquire new skills in managing relationships and building rapport with clients.”


Timotius Ho,
Business (Marketing),
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology