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vCargo Cloud

vCargo Cloud Pte Ltd

Connecting Businesses. Creating Opportunities. 

vCargo Cloud (VCC) is a leading e-trade and e-logistics aggregator that offers cutting-edge trade solutions to companies and government organisations worldwide.

VCC is connected to 14 custom nodes globally, including Singapore, China, Cambodia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Mauritius, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi. With the rise in demand for the trade digitalisation and the accelerating implementation of the Belt and Road initiative, VCC is set to establish the new “Digital Silk Road” of trade.

VCC’s flagship trade facilitation platform, CamelONE, revolutionises the e-trade and e-logistics marketplace by allowing businesses in the trade, supply chain and logistics industries to converge, exchange data, communicate and collaborate virtually on the cloud platform. This digitalisation of information exchange using blockchain technology creates operational efficiency and generate opportunities for trade financing for stakeholders.

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