People Strategy


Recruit and select employees on the basis of merit such as skills, experience and ability regardless of age, race, gender, religion or family status


Treat employees fairly and with respect and implement progressive human resource management systems

DeClout is guided by the following strategies for growth and development of our employees:

Identify Incubate Scale Harvest


Provide employees with equal opportunity for training and development based on their strengths and needs, to help them achieve their full potential


Reward employees fairly based on their ability, performance, contribution and experience

Job Vacancies

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Young Talent Program

DeClout advocates the philosophy of green harvesting, from seeding to growing of young talents to build our next-generation talent pipeline which augurs sustainable success in the age of disruption. We offer opportunities through our young talent programs such as scholarship and internship.

Tan Tian Soo

Group Finance Controller

"As the phrase goes, if you are standing still, you are also going backwards. At DeClout, we are constantly striving for growth and business excellence, thus work is never mundane. This has allowed me to gain many exposures and experiences which contribute to my depth of knowledge. The Group cultivates a supportive environment which constantly challenge me to stretch beyond my capabilities and keep my passion going!"

Muhammad Yunus Bin Ahmad

Senior Engineer, Customer Care

"At Beaqon, employees are encouraged to take on more responsibilities and be exposed to a wide spectrum of the business and operations. As a young Customer Care Engineer in Beaqon, I get the chance to explore a variety of work in areas such as security system, fit-out works for mobile data centres and maintenance services. I believe this will help to build my career and develop my skills."

Gooi Shu Fen

Technical Team Lead

"Working at vCargo Cloud is fun and we believe in the value of teamwork. Being a new company, our people are energetic and we are opened for discussion on areas for continuous improvement. I am confident that together as a team, we can scale the company to greater heights."

Ridhuan Syah Bin Abdul Rahim

Technical Manager

"Working at Procurri gives me the avenue to maximise and unlock my potential. Through the guidance and support of my peers and the management, I was able to rise through the ranks from a Customer Support Engineer to a Technical Manager, which requires me to be more involved in our operations and to drive business efficiency within the Company."

Allison Riner

Corporate Trainer

"I joined Procurri when there were only 10 employees in the company, at that point in time I couldn’t see the intrinsic value of being the pioneer in a new start-up. The skills that I have honed in the earlier days in Procurri have continued to serve me well till today. Procurri has not only provided me with exponential professional growth and experiences but also friendships that will last a lifetime."

Shaun Phelps

Deputy Engineering Manager

"I started my career in Procurri as a trainee in 2004. During my 13 years in Procurri, I have travelled all over Europe performing customer installations and upgrades. Being a multivendor support company, Procurri gives me the opportunities to work on multiple platforms and allowing me to learn, train and grow as an individual. Since joining Procurri as a trainee, I’ve worked my way up to a senior engineer as well as being appointed the Deputy Engineering Manager for Procurri UK."