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Vertical Domain Clouds

We are the pioneers in creating next generation Vertical Domain Clouds (VDCs) – domain-focused ecosystems – that redefine business and lifestyle trends in Asia.

Our current focus is on building our e-commerce VDC through Corous360 and vCargo Cloud. Our strengths and sustainability lie in our ability to leverage and aggregate on the resources and capabilities from our IT Infrastructure Sales & Services segment to create multiple VDCs that create value for different ecosystem players.

Corous360 Pte Ltd

Redefining Business and Lifestyle Trends

As Southeast Asia’s leading digital commerce platform provider, Corous360 is a next generation e-commerce VDC enabler with its 360o platform solutions that are integrated across both online and offline platforms. Its subsidiaries include EpicSoft Asia Pte Ltd. and Playworks Pte. Ltd.

With a mission to create a digital marketplace for traditional businesses to facilitate seamless transactions, Corous360 provides a unified end-to-end value chain from payment to lifestyle content and delivery services. The company’s focus lies in creating ecosystems around key e-commerce domains such as games, music and collectibles, bringing consumers and content providers onto a single platform where they can interact, explore, and contribute back to the ecosystems.

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vCargo Cloud Pte Ltd

Connecting Businesses. Creating Opportunities. 

Headquartered in Singapore, vCargo Cloud (VCC) is the leading e-trade and e-logistics aggregator in Asia. We offer e-trade and e-freight solutions through our trade declaration portal and other valued added services to companies worldwide.

Backed by a team of experienced IT and logistics professionals, VCC revolutionizes the e-logistics marketplace by allowing businesses in the trade, supply chain and logistics industries to converge, exchange data, communicate and collaborate virtually on our cloud platform.

Our strategic partners include IE Singapore, SPRING Singapore, IDA, Singapore Logistics Association, CAAS and IATA to name a few.

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