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DeClout Investments

DeClout Investments

DeClout Investments, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DeClout, was incorporated in December 2016 as a two-tier platform comprising incubation and fund-raising facilitation for startups and growth enterprise. The incubation tier focuses on leveraging the Group’s business network, domain expertise as well as industry knowledge and know-how to create a next-generation business accelerator which can value-add to the startups. The fund-raising facilitation tier will work on initiatives with government bodies and like-minded partners to allow greater access to financing and investments for the enterprises.

Through DeClout Investments, the group seeks to identify and exploit synergies between new ventures and the Group’s existing businesses to drive further growth for DeClout. As a whole, investments undertaken by DeClout Investments will provide the Group access to new technologies, new markets, new acquisition targets and/or to access new resources that are beneficial to the operations and bottom-line.

What We Offer


Seed/Series A Investment Funding

Seed or Series A funding that is crucial to product development and a start-up’s sustainability.


Market Access

Beyond capital, we add value to companies by providing access to markets within our global reach and access to know-how in the form of technology and operational expertise based on our entrepreneurial lessons that will accelerate the growth of start-ups.


Vast Eco-System

Be plugged into DeClout’s vast IT eco-system of customers, suppliers, investors and internal corporate resources that instantly opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities.

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