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Corporate Governance

Our Directors recognise the importance of corporate governance and the offering of high standards of accountability to our Shareholders. Our Board has formed three committees, namely the Nominating Committee, the Remuneration Committee, and the Audit Committee.

In addition, our Executive Directors, namely Vesmond WongKow Ya and Cheryl Tan, have attended the Singapore Institute of Directors Listed Company Director (LCD) Certification Programme – Understanding the Regulatory Environment in Singapore: What Every Director Ought to Know, jointly organised by the SGX-ST and the Singapore Institute of Directors, to familiarise themselves with the roles and responsibilities of a director of a publicly listed company in Singapore.

Our Independent Directors, Raymond Ho and Hew Koon Chan, have prior experience as directors of public listed companies in Singapore. Ch’ng Li-Ling is a corporate practitioner who specialises in capital markets work and regularly conducts client seminars on listing requirements and the roles and responsibilities of a director of a public listed company in Singapore.