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Who We Are

We invest in, incubate and scale companies to be market leaders in their industries.

DeClout is a global builder of next-generation cloud, data centres, telecommunications, e-commerce, e-logistics and marketplace companies. From our origins as a technology startup in 2010 to a listed company on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange in 2012, we have expanded our holdings’ operations and coverage to over 100 countries across Asia Pacific, the Americas, Europe and Africa.

At DeClout, the future is always the present.



We continuously identify the next wave of technology trends and create new growth platforms for the Group.



We build and incubate businesses that are either aggregators, enablers or eco-system builders that disrupt the marketplace.



Our track record speaks for itself. Our ability to execute our vision and scale our businesses to be global or regional champions are what differentiate us from other players.



We generate attractive returns to our shareholders within a short time frame.

The Group has built an exceptional track record of identifying disruptive trends and reinventing business models to differentiate our value proposition. To date, we have successfully incubated enterprises that are aggregators, enablers or eco-system builders that disrupt the marketplace. With an emphasis on operations and execution as the core drivers of value, we have the ability to rapidly scale our companies and generate attractive returns to our shareholders.

From market seeding to the transformation of existing businesses to creating new growth platforms, we actively steward the growth of our portfolio companies through their various stages of development.

Our portfolio companies are grouped within two key business segments: IT Infrastructure Sales & Services which form the building blocks of all technology and marketplace companies and Vertical Domain Clouds – domain-focused platforms and communities with network-effects that redefine business and lifestyle trends.

Our Core Values

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No individual effort can be greater than the holistic contribution of a strong and closely knitted team. We encourage a culture of team spirit which allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

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Innovation is our lifeblood. We believe in doing different things and doing things differently. Our ability to innovate existing solutions as well as create new ones for our customers, have been key drivers of our success.

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We demand excellence in everything we do. We maintain the highest levels of service that our customers expect of us, and always give our best, no matter how trying the circumstances or challenging the tasks.

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We adapt quickly to the ever-changing global environment, and change the way we do things where necessary, to stay as a market leader.

Global Presence

To serve the needs of our enterprise and consumer customers, the Group has a vast network of offices in countries and territories throughout Asia Pacific, the Americas, Europe and Africa.


Business Groups


Support Coverage





Group Structure

  • DeClout Ventures
  • Technology
  • Managed Services
  • IT Distribution
  • Lifecycle Services
  • PLAYe (Premium Market)
  • ZiPay (Mass Market)
  • Trade Facilitation Platform
  • Cargo Community Platform
  • Industry-specific e-Commerce Verticals

Market Opportunity

We believe the ICT industry, in particular the data centre and e-commerce sectors, are undergoing massive transformation. Our goal is to capture the largest possible share of the markets that we operate in:


Global ICT Spending by 2020


Global Data Centre Market Size by 2020


Global E-commerce Spending by 2020 for B2B


Global E-commerce Spending by 2020 for B2C